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isobot with mbed -7- led blinker

●LED blinker I should have done this first before servo controls. PIO1_23 pin of LPC11U35 is connected to green LED on the robot and PIO0_7 goes to blue LED. When you turn the pin output low the LED turns on. When it’s high the LED turns off. Please visit the shop.

isobot with mbed -6- interpolate between key frames

●interpolate between key frames This time we change the way of getting target angles to make joints to move smoothly not like steps. At time x between two key frames A and B, target angle are given by angX = angA + (angB – angA) * tX / (tB – tA) In the program A and B are called keyFrame and nextKeyFrame. Please visit the shop.

isobot with mbed -5 -array data for servos-

●Array data for servos Last time we drove all servos by sending them the angle data. But it is not a good idea that you write angle data directly inside the sending part of the program when you create a complex action of the robot. So we use an array to hold angle data like angle[key frame][joint] = { {right_arm_1, right_arm_2, …left_arm_1,left_arm_2,……left_leg_5},//start {right_arm_1, right_arm_2, …left_arm_1,left_arm_2,……left_leg_5},//after X seconds {right_arm_1, right_arm_2, …left_arm_1,left_arm_2,……left_leg_5},//after Y seconds ………. } It takes about 32msec to send angle data to all servos depending on the baud rate of uart. It is OK to have array of angle data for every 32 msec but it’s too much. We …




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